About us

Brazil has the largest commercial cattle herd in the world. The variety and mix of cattle breeds is another important factor for the quality of our hides.

This variety results in different colors of fur leather, and the quantity allows us to provide greater volume. In the leather market since 1987, we have extensive market experience, which has allowed us to improve products to achieve the quality we have today.

The DEKOLAND company is located in the city of Presidente Lucena, Rio Grande do Sul, 55 km from Porto Alegre, Brazil. The company works with different products within the leather sector, including bovine leather rugs with fur, wet blue bovine leather, wet blue shavings, calfskin, wet blue pigskin, bags, leather clothing, among others.

Initially producing only leather rugs and wet blue leather, throughout its history the company has been adding other products to its production line to achieve the diversification it has today. In addition to sales in the domestic market, its products are exported to more than 20 countries.

Quality, excellence in management and services were characteristics that allowed us to grow and continue to grow. Our main objective is the satisfaction of our customers, and with this way of working we have conquered more and more market.