Terms & Conditions

1. Website Usage Rules
The User undertakes to use the Site respecting and observing these Terms and Conditions of Use, as well as current legislation, customs and public order. In this way, the User agrees that he will not be able to:

  • (i) injure the rights of third parties, regardless of their nature, at any time, including in the course of using the Site;
  • (ii) perform acts that limit or prevent access and use of the Site, under appropriate conditions, to other Users;
  • (iii) unlawfully access the Site or third party computer systems related to the Site or to DEKOLAND in any way or form;
  • (iv) to spread computer programs or viruses capable of causing damage of any kind, including on equipment and systems owned by DEKOLAND or by third parties;
  • (v) use mechanisms other than those expressly enabled or recommended on the Site to obtain information, content and services;
  • (vi) perform any acts that in any way may imply any loss or damage to DEKOLAND or to other Users;
  • (vii) access programming areas of the Site, databases or any other set of information that escapes the public or restricted areas of the Site;
  • (viii) reverse engineer or permit to reverse engineer, translate, modify, change language, compile, decompile, modify, reproduce, rent, sublease, disclose, transmit, distribute, use or otherwise dispose of the Site or the tools and functionality made available thereon. any means or form, including in such a way as to violate the rights of DEKOLAND (including Intellectual Property of DEKOLAND and/or third parties;
  • (ix) perform or participate in any act that constitutes a violation of any right of DEKOLAND (including Intellectual Property of DEKOLAND or third parties or any applicable law, or to act under any means or manner that may contribute to such a violation;
  • (x) interfere with security or commit misuse against the Site or any system, network or service resource connected to or accessible through the Site, and you must access the Site only for lawful and authorized purposes;
  • (xi) use the DEKOLAND domain to create links or shortcuts to be made available in unsolicited e-mails (spam messages) or on third-party or User websites, or to perform any type of action that could harm DEKOLAND or third parties;
  • (xii) use automated data collection and selection applications to carry out mass operations or for any purposes, or to collect and transfer any data that may be extracted from the Site for unauthorized or unlawful purposes;
  • (xiii) use the tools and features of the Site to spread messages unrelated to the Site or the purposes of the Site, including messages of a racist, ethnic, political, religious, cultural or derogatory, defamatory and/or slanderous nature of any person or social group.
The User agrees to indemnify, defend and hold DEKOLAND harmless from any claim, notification, subpoena or judicial or extrajudicial action, or from any liability, damage, cost or expense arising from any breach and/or infringement committed by the User or any person acting on his/her behalf, with his/her consent or tolerance, in relation to the Site (including with respect to any provision of these Terms and Conditions of Use), including any person who has obtained User data relating to his/her Account of Access or your navigation on the Site. DEKOLAND may, in its sole discretion, block, restrict, disable or prevent any User from accessing the Site, in whole or in part, without any prior notice, whenever inappropriate conduct by the User is detected, without prejudice to the administrative, extrajudicial and judicial measures it deems appropriate.

2. Stock
DEKOLAND has a large number of items registered on the Site. For reasons beyond the control and control of DEKOLAND, it is possible that some of these items may be temporarily unavailable, due to peculiarities, seasonality or problems in the supply chain. DEKOLAND is committed to using its best efforts to maintain the availability of as many items as possible. In case of Purchase of a product out of stock due to failure to update the Website, DEKOLAND will contact the Customer in order to immediately solve the problem, for the refund of the amount paid, for the choice of an equivalent product. or by the determination to wait for the availability of the product.

3. Promotions
- Achievement.
  • DEKOLAND may, at any time, for purely commercial reasons and at its sole discretion, create and maintain promotional campaigns, offering certain products at prices lower than those usually practiced or with the incidence of discounts.
- Conditions
  • Promotions are not cumulative and may be limited.:
    • (i) to a certain amount of products on sale;
    • (ii) to a certain period of time;
    • (iii) acceptance of special conditions, such as the impossibility of exchanging the product. The conditions of validity of the promotions will be clearly published by all means of publicizing the promotions and DEKOLAND recommends that the User carefully read them. In case of doubt, the User can contact our commercial team.

4. Payments
DEKOLAND has a specific policy to regulate the means of payment for Purchases: Payment Policy. This specific policy inseparably integrates these Terms and Conditions of Use.

5. Price
DEKOLAND is a company with activities in several countries and on multiple platforms, physical and virtual. The prices offered on the site are based on FOB (shipping not included), with the cost of shipping calculated according to the delivery/shipping conditions negotiated with the customer. DEKOLAND reserves the right to review, improve, modify and/or update the prices charged by the Site, in accordance with criteria of need, convenience or market fluctuations, without prior notice. All prices and conditions published on the Site are valid only for purchases made on the Site itself, and are not applicable to:
  • (i) any other sites;
  • (ii) physical stores of DEKOLAND;
  • (iii) physical stores of DEKOLAND partners. Likewise, prices and conditions relating to physical stores are not valid for the Site.

6. Order Follow-up
In addition to sending emails informing you of the most important changes in the handling and delivery of a Purchase, DEKOLAND makes available on the Site a tool that allows Customers to follow step by step the status of their Purchase (carried out, in analysis, in transit, signed, delivered, etc.). If in doubt about the situation presented by the tool, the Customer may contact the commercial team at DEKOLAND.

7. Applicable Law and Court of Election
The Site is controlled, operated and administered by DEKOLAND in the city of Ivoti, State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, and can be accessed by any device connected to the Internet, regardless of its geographic location. In view of the differences that may exist between local and national legislation, when accessing the Site, the User agrees that the applicable legislation for the purposes of these Terms and Conditions of Use will be that in force in the Federative Republic of Brazil. DEKOLAND and the User agree that the Central Forum of the District of Ivoti, RS, Brazil, will be the only competent to resolve any issue or controversy arising from or resulting from the use of the Site, expressly waiving any other, however privileged it may be, or will be.