Privacy Policy

DEKOLAND has established this privacy policy, with the objective of ensuring the credibility of this sales channel and the confidentiality of personal information entered on its servers. therefore, we reserve this space to disclose the practice of using the personal data of users. Next, it is possible to know the entire process in detail and better understand what information we obtain and how we handle it.

Collected data
- We request information when the use

  • Fulfills a request;
  • Answer a question;
  • Participate in a promotion;
  • Subscribe to our "News" for Offers;
  • Register site (to speed up the purchase process and for statistical purposes)

- an automated way, the following data is also collected:
  • Date and time of accesses;
  • Visit time on each page;
  • Sequence of pages visited;
  • IP address;
  • Registration.

owse the site, it is not necessary to provide any personal information. However, if eventually the user uses some of the services, it will be necessary to identify yourself, previously providing some personal data.

Purpose of Information Collection
The data collected will have statistical purposes. To view, for example, the number of users who have read the Privacy Policy, ces, preferences and the frequency of visits to each page made available on this channel.
The data collected will also be analyzed to obtain information about the profile of users who access the site, in order to e the offer of services and/or products. We still use the information collected for statistical purposes, to make the purchase, p of orders, tracking of product deliveries and other operations that may contribute to the efficiency in serving customers. this channel.

Maintenance of Information
The site allows the user to edit their registered information, if necessary.

All information entered is stored on internal and secure servers, with restricted access, n necessary, to employees authorized by the company's administrators. Data manipulation takes place automatically, wing unauthorized persons to have access to them. We will never sell your information to third parties, whether private nies.

safe website
We use a secure environment for transactions, performing data encryption, server authentication, message integrity and client authentication. This practice ensures that information travels through this channel safely, quickly and efficiently. Our website is protected by the strongest encryption system available for non-military applications (using 2048-bit keys). This certificate can be verified in the footer of our site, by clicking on the logo of Let´s Encrypt.

Fake emails from DEKOLAND
If you eventually receive an email about a purchase you didn't make, be careful, it could be a virus. We guarantee that the email received was not sent by DEKOLAND. The message is probably "spam", and the best thing to do is to delete it immediately. We do not ask for any confirmation of data through emails, so please do not reply to these messages. If you receive any of these messages, we ask that you contact us and let us know, so we can check and give you the appropriate guidelines. As already mentioned in the topic "Secure Environment" DEKOLAND's database is protected against this type of criminal action and all data of our registered customers is kept safe.

Sending E-mails
In relation to the users of this site, DEKOLAND makes use of "Permission Marketing", not sending advertisements and promotions e-mails without the user's authorization. The site offers structures that allow the user to select whether or not to accept their email in the "News" advertising lists. Thus, it is possible to unsubscribe from sending emails at any time.

Cookies are small text files sent and stored on the user's computer. These files are used to recognize, track and store the user's browsing on the Internet. The use of cookies allows the website to offer a more personalized service, according to the characteristics and interests of users, even allowing the offer of specific content and advertising for each one. The user has the power to turn off their cookies, in their browser options, or by making changes to the Anti-Virus program tools, such as Norton Internet Security. However, this may change the way you interact with our site, or other sites. This may affect or not allow you to login or even make purchases on our site.

Policy Changes
Always seeking to ensure clear and precise rules, we may eventually change this policy, and as such, we recommend that you read it periodically. Any eventual change in this Privacy Policy will be transcribed therein. The date of the last change is inserted at the end of the Privacy Policy. This makes it easier for the user to know when the last modification was made.

Final Considerations
In case of any disagreement about our Privacy Policy or complaints about the services provided, feel free to contact us. The disclosure of this policy is an example of serious and transparent work developed by trained and competent professionals to execute the complete process, always respecting our users, customers and/or visitors.

The DEKOLAND team thanks you for your visit and invites you to be part of the list of satisfied customers in doing business with us.

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